On this day all AHEPANS attend Church service together followed by lunch. Also on AHEPA Sunday, being the first Sunday of the National Convention, all interstate delegates together with their host State members attend a Church service. Also we support Anzac Day and Greek National Days.

AHEPANS are a group of people who work diligently and persistently in an effort to make the world a better place for those less fortunate than themselves.

AHEPANS enjoy friendship, pleasure and harmony through the Association. Through the help of new members who are willing to give of themselves and become active members of our Chapters and Committees AHEPA can enjoy progress also.

AHEPANS are involved in several committees outside AHEPA both in their parish churches and their own particular brotherhoods or associations. Many have held high office in these committees.

AHEPANS have a feeling of self-satisfaction and the knowledge that our charity work is an important part of helping our community.

The major purpose of the Order of AHEPA is to bring a better understanding between the Hellenic people and Australian society in general, and at the same time to preserve, maintain and foster the immortal traditions and culture of Greece.