The emblem of AHEPA represents Faith, Justice, Hope, Power and Peace.

The Cross is a reminder of the sacred story of the suffering, agony and death of Jesus Christ, and the ultimate attainment of victory, life and peace. It reminds us of the burdens we have to bear and the sharing of the burden of others. At the back of the cross are the ancient Hellenic sword and the sword of Australia which reminds us of the strict discipline, the swift and impartial execution of Justice and the readiness to uphold and defend free democratic institutions so characteristic to both Australian and Hellenic people.

The rays are those of the sun which give hope and which will always be discernible.

The spread Eagle is emblematic of the King of the air. He is strong in battle, swift in triumph, and fierce in defeat. The olive branch signifies that wherever it may be established, the deluge of ignorance, intolerance and discord are dispelled and a bountiful harvest is reaped by its presence in the form of knowledge, tolerance and peace.

The Sprig of Wattle is added to the emblem as a symbol of identity, as the wattle, no matter where it may appear, identifies Australia. Similarly, the Order of AHEPA, no matter where it appears, desires to be recognised as being a part of and a contributory to the Australian way.